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Feb 11, 2011 9:00pm PST
for president obama. i think he's done a very good job of building a broad international coalition, and for the first time, i think we're seeing signs that it's having an impact on the iranian regime and the iranian economy. we're seeing gasoline sales drop by 90% in a year. we're seeing $60 billion dollars in energy investments frozen. we're seeing scores of international energy companies and banks and insurance companies pulling away from iran. it is having a significant impact. and at the same time, we're seeing a green movement, which though was brutally crushed last year, it's still part of the fabric of iranian society. it's in every corner of iranian society. it has gone underground, but it is still robust. and it's the only thing that has rattled this regime so far. so, by combining sanctions, economic sanctions, with moral sanctions that support the human rights movement in iran, i think we've got a better than average shot. >> gary, picking up on your earlier metaphor, are sanctions against iran the "do good" kind or the "feel good" kind? >> well, they're firstly and fore
Feb 18, 2011 9:00pm PST
're on the one hand, we ignore it, as i think happened in the first year of the obama administration. there was a sense that, there was so much focus on armenia and turkey and reconciliation between those countries, that the u.s. was ignoring azerbaijan. president aliyev, the president of azerbaijan, was not invited to president obama's nuclear security summit in april of, of 2010. then you saw a visit by secretary of defense bob gates, and a visit by secretary of state hillary clinton, not just azerbaijan, but to the whole region. secretary gates delivered a letter from president obama. we seem to go from one extreme to another of ignoring azerbaijan and then smothering it and, and there needs to be a more moderate approach that i think does take into account the interests that charles identified, which is energy and, and economic security, but also democracy and human rights. the way i would describe it is, it's a three legged stool. we have interests in energy, we have interests in security, but we have equal interests in seeing azerbaijan develop in a more democratic fashion, res
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2